Question: How Do You Use Crowns On DraftKings?

How do you spend crowns on DraftKings?

= Crowns.

Crowns are points earned for playing on DraftKings and can be used to directly enter contests or to purchase DraftKings apparel and merchandise in the DK Shop.

What do crowns mean on DraftKings?

Crowns are points earned for playing on DraftKings that can be redeemed in our DK Shop for contest tickets and cool DraftKings apparel and merchandise. Crowns are earned by playing paid contests and/or completing missions.

How do you use DraftKings tickets?

Upon submitting your lineup into a ticket specific contest, your ticket will be automatically redeemed as way of entry. To view which contests your ticket is redeemable for, go to the My Tickets page and click redeem.

How do you use DraftKings?



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What are FPPs on DraftKings?

One advantage that is often overlooked are Frequent Player Points or FPPs. You earn FPPs for entering contests on DraftKings. There are two ways to earn FPPs: by entering paid contests and by completing missions. FPPs earned by entering paid contests are made available to you as soon as that contest is completed.

What is El on DraftKings?

DraftKings uses official EL statistics and only includes statistics from games EL deems to be official. If the EL declares a game “suspended” then the statistics generated before the game is suspended will count in Game Sets containing said game.