How Much Did Tom Benson Pay For The Saints In 1985?

Buys Saints

In 1985 he led the group that paid about $70 million to buy the Saints from founding owner John Mecom Jr., who was weighing whether to move the franchise.

How much did Benson pay for the Saints?

He had been hospitalized since Feb. 16 with flu symptoms. Benson made his mark in pro sports with the Saints, which he bought in 1985 when it appeared that the club would be sold to out-of-state interests and perhaps moved out of Louisiana. He paid $70 million for the team, which is now worth close to $2 billion.

How much are the Saints worth?

Rankings. Forbes’ 21st annual listing of the most valuable teams in the National Football League was released this week. The New Orleans Saints, valued at $2.075 billion, ranked 26th out of 32 NFL franchises. The average NFL team is worth $2.34 billion.

How long did Tom Benson own the Saints?

Tom Benson, a successful auto dealer who brought the New Orleans Saints their only winning seasons and the “Benson Boogie,” has died. Benson, who has also owned the NBA’s New Orleans Pelicans since 2012, was 90.

What did Tom Benson die of?